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The Vassall Family Crest

Samuel and William Vassall, both members of the original Massachusetts Company (1627), bore a distinguished part in the early history of the colony. William soon quarreled and left. Then Samuel retired also to the Barbadoes. Later (1723), a descendant of Samuel, Leonard Vassall, came to Boston, settled there, and had a large family. He is still represented in the female line, but his male representatives are to be found in England. Burke says of the New England Vassalls, ""That they descend from John Vassall, Alderman of London, who equipped and commanded two ships of war against the Spanish Armada."" The Vassalls remained loyal to the English crown.

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Sœpe pro Rege, semper pro República.Often for the King, always for the country.
A Ship Rigged And Masted: Proper.
America Hereldica