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The Jay Family Crest

This well-known family belongs to the FrenchHuguenot emigration. The Jays originated from the Castle of Montonneau, in the Poictou province. They settled afterwards—at least, the direct ancestors of the American Jays ' did—in La Rochelle, and from there fled to England on account of religious persecution. Later, a descendant of the refugee, Augustus Jay, came over to America, and settled in Westchester Co., N. Y. (1745). We find some resemblance with the shield of the Jays of county Devon, and also with that of the mysterious Jay, mentioned in Gore's Roll of Arms, No. 6.

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Deo duce perseverandum.With God our leader, we must strive.
Since The Emigration, A Cross, Sable, On A Calvary Of Three Steps: Proper.
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