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Wood family in the Peerage & Baronetage:

-Sir Charles Wood, 3rd Bart., GCB, PC (1800–1885), of Hickleton Hall, Doncaster. In 1883 he had 10,142 acres in the West Riding of Yorkshire (worth 12,169 guineas per annum in rent); created Viscount Halifax in 1866. His grandson was created Baron Irwin in 1925, and Earl of Halifax in 1944.

-William Page Wood,  PC, QC (1801-1881), created Baron Hatherley, of Down Hatherley in the County of Gloucester, in 1868. A Lord Chancellor, he was son of Sir Mathew Wood, 1st Bart., an MP and sometime Lord Mayor of London. Katharine Wood (1846-1921), aka Mrs. Charles Stewart Parnell, aka Katie/Kitty O'Shea, was a neice.

-Sir Samuel Hill Hill-Wood (1872 –1949),  son a Derbyshire cotton manufacturer called Samuel Wood, he was created a Baronet in 1921. This family has been closely associated with Arsenal football club.

Other Landed Wood family members in 1883:

-Edward Herbert Wood, of Raasay, Isle of Skye, the son of E. Wood of Newbold-Revel, Stretton under Fosse, near Rugby. In 1883 he had 17,551 acres (worth 2,770 guineas per annum in rent) in Inverness, 1,739 in Warwickshire (worth 4,332), 631 in Cheshire (worth 1,090), and 331 in Stafford (worth 1,085);

-Mrs. Wood, of Southall, Swansea. 3,859 acres in Carmarthen (worth 2,710), and 1,321 acres in Glamorgan (7,903).

-Thomas Wood, of Littleton, Chertsey. In 1883 he had 3,796 acres in Brecon (worth 4,088), 1,820 acres in North Yorkshire (worth 2,870), 1,428 acres in Middlesex (worth 2,633);

-General William Mark Wood, of Bishop's Hall, Romford. 2,300 acres in Essex (worth 4,100) and 1,226 in Glamorgan (worth 2,900) and 1,440 in Monmouth (worth 2,200).

-Daniel Wood, of Glossop. Lands in Hereford, Derby & York (shared), 2,276 acres (worth 3,361);

-E. Wood, of Hanger Hill. 2,678 acres in Middlesex and Shropshire (worth 5,913);

-G. Wood, of Lota. 5,593 acres in Cork, Waterford and Clare (worth 2,941);

-J. G. Wood, of Theddon Grange. Hampshire 3,092 acres (worth 2,926).

( S., March 2013)