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Wilsons in the Peerage and baronetage:

-Between 1838 and 1950 six generations of the (created by writ barony) Lords Berners had the surname Wilson or Tyrwhitt-Wilson. The 14th Baron was a renowned composer.

In 1883 the son of the 12th Baroness Berners (1835-1917), Hon. Harry Tyrwhitt Tywhitt-Wilson (1854-1891), of Keythorpe Hall, Leicestershire, is listed as having 5,758 acres in Leicesteshire (worth 10,055 guineas per annum in rent), 1,162 acres in Norfolk (worth 1,685). His brother was the 13th Lord Berners (1855-1918).

-Sir Matthew Wilson, Bart., (1802-1891), of Eshton, Gargrave, York. In the 1880s he had 7,552 acres in West Yorkshire (worth 12,423), 851 acres in Lincolnshire (worth 888). A Liberal MP he was created a baronet in 1874, having married, June Louisa Emerson Amcotts, only daughter of Sir Wharton Emerson Amcotts, 1st Bart, of Kettlethorpe Park, Lincolnshire, in 1826.

-Sir Spencer Maryon-Wilson, 10th Bart., of Charlton House, Blackheath. In the 1880s he had 1,644 acres in Sussex (worth 1,594), 1,529 acres in Essex (worth 1,824). Also lands in Metropollitan Middlesex, i.e. London. Maryon-Wilson from 1899. The baronetcy, Wilson, of Eastbourne, was created in 1661.

Other great Wilson landowners in 1883:

-Arthur Maitland, of Stowlangtoft, Bury St. Edmonds. 5,016 acres in Suffolk (worth 7,006 guineas per annum);

-Charles Henry Wilson, of Water Priory, Pocklington. 8,500 acres in Yorkshire (worth 8,000);

-Christopher Wyndham Wilson, of Rigmaden, Kirby Lonsdale. 8,690 acres in Westmoreland (worth 7,988);

-Edward Hugh Wilson, of Dalham Tower, Milnthorpe. 8,730 acres in Westmoreland (worth 10,510), 1,141 acres in Lancaster (worth 833);

-George Holt Wilson, of Redgrave Hall, Bedale. 5,466 acres in Suffolk (worth 6,949), nd 783 acres in Norfolk (worth 1,048);

-J. Wilson, of Low Nook. Wimbledon, Surrey. 2,199 acres (worth 2,078);

-T. J. Wilson, of Straquhan. 4,198 acres in Dumfries (worth 2,251);

-W. Wilson Carus-Wilson, of Casterton. Westmorland, Lancashire & Yorkshire 2,700 acres (worth 4,300).  Probably the son of William Carus Wilson (1791-1859) who was the inspiration for Charlotte Brontë's Mr Brocklehurst described in Jane Eyre;

-John Gerald Wilson, of Cliffe Hall, Darlington. 3,239 acres in North Yorkshire (worth 4,941);

-Joseph Wilson, of Lisnadill, county Armagh. 4,049 acres in Armagh (worth 4,679), 308 acres in Dublin (worth 732);

-Thomas Wilson, of Shotley Hall. 3,673 acres in Northumberland (worth 3,837).

(R. de S., march 2013)